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New Year New Goals

Updated: Jan 30

This year is an election year the world over, which means I've tried to reevaluate where I'm going with my writing and what I want to accomplish.

Before I get too started I had the option of allowing direct purchase of my book from my website, which you can now do for 17% cheaper than anywhere else! So not only can you buy directly from here, you get a discount for purchasing. The link is on the homepage.'s my writing going?

On the "second book," which I thought would be low hanging fruit, I have over 67K words. But I can't think of a framing that I like. I'm stuck between two, but I don't think either one would be productive or do what I want it to do. So I'm heavily leaning towards letting this book go. If you want more details on this one DM me and let me know.

The "third book" idea, which is looking to be the next one published, only has about 3K words, but the framing is there, as well as the passion. Plus a lot of the research done for one can be applied to the other, so it's not an entire waste. It's going to be similar to Coming Together in that it's going to cover a lot of the problems we face, but instead of focusing on commonalities as a small plan of action I am going to have problem statements followed by action plans.

In the meantime, the Youtube channel is slowly chugging along and thinking about that helps me to frame things and how I want to do some things differently depending upon the platform, and how I want to do some things similarly.

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